Sheep Systems

Waratah and sheep netting have been successfully installed in a variety of local sites including on Mauao. We are committed to using the best materials from Australia and are faithful to the Waratah brand. This system is exclusively made by our Ozzie cousins from Australian steel only, and is guaranteed.

Security Fencing

Keep your property safe with robust steel security fencing and gate options. We can design, fabricate and install security fencing to meet your specific needs.

Farm Gates and Fences

Gates and stays are guaranteed and use quality materials for longevity. Post holes are hand bored or tractor rammed dependant on soil and access. NZ produced wire products are used specifically so to align with our sustainability charter.

Retaining Walls

Retaining is essential to develop sites into workable sections. Taurus retains with NZ products and installs up to 1.5m high. Often retaining is required to fence properties.

Custom Design Gates

You can pitch designs for your own gates and we can translate this into a robust unit. We use steel and wood to provide strength and durability. This creative process is an exciting growth area of our business.

Lifestyle Posts and Rails

Lifestyle, orchard and agriculutural managers love the look of our post and rail fences. Local council has also used our style for regional parks where sheep are grazed. We can design specific to your needs and taste.

Post Ramming

If you are confident to rail or wire your own structure, we are happy to ram posts and/or strainers efficiently with our tractor. Taurus often ram for large retaining projects.

Orchard Structures

Taurus Fencing have been working in local kiwifruit orchards improving older style assemblages ready for fruiting next year. The operation of the post rammer makes this transition efficent for orchard operators and owners.